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Drive Go-Kart in Trogir

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NOW OPENED Karting Arena Trogir!

We invite all fans of speed and entertainment, groups, organized celebrations, all eager for top entertainment - bring your friends and the race can begin.

At the entrance of Trogir, enjoy more than 300 meters long outdoor track. Our top-of-the-line go kart fleet consists of 5 CRG CENTURION CAR HONDA GX270 and an advanced deHaardt timing system. The configuration of the track provides the ultimate sport driving experience and guarantees an ideal compromise between challenging driving and fun. It provides the beginners with the best introduction to driving motions and for experienced drivers it is a challenge to improve driving techniques.

Timing System

To track your results, we use a modern deHaardt timing system. All vehicles are equipped with transponders that measure the most accurate time and follow up all results. During driving, you can track the time of each circle on the track traffic light, and then review and compare your results on the screens and print results after driving.

Go-Kart Fleet

Our go-kart fleet consists of 5 top go-karts of the world's leading automotive go-kart manufacturer, CRG CENTURION KART HONDA GX270. Here you will surely feel like a professional driver.

Caffe Bar

Relax from a hard working day in the cozy ambience of our bar. The bar is located on the gallery and gives you a perfect overview of the track. Keep an eye on the track while enjoying in the rich offer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and hot drinks. Follow the driving results on the big screen in the comfort of our bar and enjoy the race.

Outdoor Track

Configuration of our over 300 meters long track provides the best introduction in driving for beginners and for experienced drivers it is challenging their driving techniques.

Rules on the track

In case of intentional damage to the go-kart vehicles or equipment, endangering the safety of the official staff of Karting Arena Trogir, you bear the criminal and material responsibility. In case of such behavior, the staff of Karting Arena Trogir will exclude you from the track. In case of repetition of unauthorized behavior and violation of the rules, official staff may permanently prohibit you from driving at Karting Arena Trogir.

Protective equipment

  • Use of the helmet is OBLIGATORY.
  • After driving, drivers are obliged to return the equipment to the foreseen location.

Behavior on the track

  • You can start driving only when the official staff of Karting Arena Trogir explained all the rules and STARTED the vehicle for you.
  • When you finish driving, you can leave the go-kart vehicle only when all the vehicles in the box stopped and are turned off.
  • After the end of the ride, stay in the vehicle while the official staff of Karting Arena Trogir has TURNED OFF the vehicle and you can safely get out of the vehicle.
  • Intentional collision and misconduct behavior on the track will be sanctioned by official staff.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is not allowed. Official staff have the right to exclude such a person from the track.
  • In the event of any technical problems or malfunctions on the vehicle that cause the vehicle to stop on the track, it is strictly forbidden to leave the vehicle. Please report this to the official staff by raising your hand.
  • The left pedal in a go-kart car is BRAKE. The right pedal in a go-kart car is GAS.
  • It is forbidden to press the brake and gas at the same time. Official staff may consider such behavior as intentional destruction of the go-kart.
  • IT IS STRONLY PROHIBITED to drive in the opposite direction! Drivers with such behavior will be automatically excluded from driving.


Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to access the racetrack without the permission of their parents and with the mandatory supervision of the official staff.


RESERVATIONS are accepted exclusively for organized groups and events as well as Grand Prix rides. For organized groups and events, we adjust working hours.

10 min ride

120 kn

15 min ride

150 kn

Grand Prix

220 kn per person (3-5 persons)

Warming up - 2 min

Qualifications - 5 min

Race - 15 min

Duel Race

450 kn

Warming up - 2min

Qualifications - 5min

Race - 15min

Race track rent 30 min

1300 kn

Race track rent 1 h

2500 kn